Foldable Rotary Cutting Mat

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TSC Professional-Grade Foldable Rotary Cutting Mat – Non Toxic, Non Slip & SELF-Healing – Latest Version (24 x 36 inches) (Unknown Binding)


  • MASSIVE GRID – this is our largest and most useful cutting mat. The surface area is 24″ x 36″ and the grid measures 22″ x 34″. More room to cut bigger pieces… just more too love!
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN – this massive surface can fold in half (to 18″ x 24″) for easy storage and transport. It can also be used as a double sided 18″ x 24″ mat when folded. The ingenious folding seam simply disappears when expanded and will not affect your cutting over it at all.
  • NON TOXIC – a unique material composition allow our Second Generation cutting mats to be one of the only (or the only) non toxic mats on the market today! Enjoy our mats without the risk of using toxic materials.
  • BEAUTIFUL & EASY DESIGN – we engineered our mats from the ground up to be beautiful to look at and to use. Our second generation improves this even more by adding an even clearer cutting mat numbering system and greatly enhancing the measuring grid system (full inch marks are now solid lines while half inch marks are now dotted lines)
  • NON SLIP – an ingenious non slip criss cross print on the back of our mats keep them ‘glued’ to the table when the mat is unfolded. This adhesive on the second generation mat is a total redesign from the backing on our first generation mats and substantially reduces any ‘plastic odor’ which may plague other cutting mats. EXPERIENCE THE SECOND GENERATION CUTTING MAT FOR YOURSELF TODAY!

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Welcome to the second generation of our most popular cutting mat line. We have kept all of the great features of our first generation mats and added several major innovations for this second generation (true non-toxic materials, super adhesive backing to keep the mat ‘glued’ to the table when cutting, even clearer numbering format and an easier to use measuring grid). Together, they make the most advanced and innovative cutting mat on the market. Get yours today!!